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National Day of Russia Celebration 2022

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On the occasion of the National Day of Russia, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation H.E. Mr Alexander Shulgin and Mrs Natalia Shulgina, organized a reception in The Hague on 9 June 2022.

The evening started with a well-delivered speech from Ambassador Alexander Shulgin and featured a slew of  Ambassadors and diplomats, cognizance of the current situation.

During his opening remarks Ambassador Alexander Shulgin noted, “this year we are celebrating for the 30nd time the Day of Russia, a feast established in honor of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic adopted in June 1990. For Russians these are not empty words, as the notion of sovereignty appears to be deeply meaningful.”

“Throughout our tumultuous history Russia has gone through the crucible of multiple hardships, bloody wars and attempts to invade its territory. In the 13th and 14th centuries Russia was devastated as a result of the Mongolian and Tatar onslaught.”

“At least twice, in 1610 and in 1812, foreign troops coming from Europe penetrated Russian territory so far as to occupy Moscow.”

Ambassador Shulgin and Ambassador Fernando Arias, Director General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

 “The similar events took place as Fascist Germany launched an aggression against the Soviet Union. Once again the hordes of invaders, not only German Fascists, but their auxiliaries form various European countries ranging from Alsatians to Flemish and including Italians, Romanians, Spaniards rushed into the plains of our country causing indescribable suffering to peoples of the Soviet Union.” He came to say.

“Nowadays as many times before,” expressed Ambassador Shulgin “our country faces unacceptable threat to its sovereignty. Indeed there is a proxy war being waged now against our country with the involvement of Western countries, both European, but also from overseas.”

“Russian currency is stronger than ever before. Notwithstanding reduction of oil and gas supplies Russian revenues are still on the rise owing to the surge in prices for the energy. Forecasts about centrifugal tendencies in the Russian civil society proved to be unsubstantiated. Russians as a single person made block to support their President Vladimir Putin. He is supported by 80% of the Russians. And this massive support is still growing.”

National Day of Russia Celebration 2022.

“Russia has lots of friends and allies with which we continue mutually advantageous cooperation. To put it another way, we do not intend to close the window to Europe, opened up, as many of you know, by the first Russian Emperor – Peter the Great. It so happens that today we mark the 350th anniversary of the Tsar – reformer, founding father of our relations with the states of West Europe, first and foremost with the Netherlands, where he traveled several times, and with the people of the Netherlands, whom he held in high esteem for their hard work, determination and friendliness. Even if it is considered bad taste to talk about anything Russian, we are sure that the legacy of Peter the Great will be forever remembered by grateful future generations. We stand ready for resuming contacts if and when our partners come to their senses.

H.E. M. Abdel Sattar Issa, Ambassador of Lebanaon, H.E. Mr. Eduardo Malaya, Ambassador of the Philippines, H.E. Ms. Reenat Sandu, Ambassador of India and Mrs. Nawrid Sharmin, First Secretary, Embassy of Bangladesh.

But we will be very careful about rebuilding relations. It will be up to us to define areas of cooperation that we may be interested in.” In conclusion, Ambassador Shulgin treated his guests to a Russian cuisine buffet.

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