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Monthly Archives: June, 2022

Ukrainian crisis –Meanings, Consequences, Outcome

Every aspect of the global balance of power, security architecture, and geopolitical dynamics is challenged by the Russian - Ukraine conflict.

Life in the time of mania

By John Dunkelgrün Every now and then societies succumb to a collective madness, often accompanied by a general suspension of disbelief. “Witches” were tortured, burnt...

War between Russia and Ukraine: Analyzing Information and International Relations

On February 24, 2022, Russia began what it calls a special military operation in Ukraine, but which other countries generally regard as a war. In this piece, in the form of an interview, Professor Maria Repnikova examines said military conflict, while stressing the relevance of information and various aspects in the sphere of international relations.

OPEC and International Law

Many countries experienced an energy crisis in 2021, and although there is greater diversity in primary energy production, a total transition away from oil is impractical, if not impossible, for the next few decades. That is where OPEC’s relative power shines through as its members' proven crude oil reserves account for nearly 80% of global reserves as per OPEC’s 2018 reports. How is OPEC perceived through the scope of international law?

Trust Fund for Victims: Making reparative justice a meaningful reality for victims

The international community made a commitment to justice for victims of these most serious crimes by adopting the Rome Statute in 1998. The Statute created the International Criminal Court (ICC) for prosecuting those responsible for these crimes and provided for a Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) to make the funds of the convicted persons and additional voluntary contributions available for the benefit of the victims.

A world for everyone to live with dignity

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Rogelio Mayta, explains that Bolivia seeks to consolidate its participation in the international agenda through the deployment and visibility of People's Diplomacy for life, strengthening ties with States, within the framework of its proactive and purposeful role reinforced since 2006.

Leonardo’s Faces – Joshua Noordwijk

"What I value the most is to see how all departments work together to create the best possible event. From the Booking Office to Housekeeping, and from the Kitchen staff to the Front Desk; all departments play their part to achieve the same goal during these diplomatic events. It really creates a good atmosphere that guests also experience." Joshua Noordwijk.

Anglo-American Axis Needs Common Market, not Common Alliance

With Brexit, the United Kingdom is now no longer part of the continental European alliance. It has instead re-aligned with the United States, and reverted to being a maritime nation that it used to be.

Water for Development and Cooperation

Thailand and The Netherlands share a common culture of constructing livelihoods throughout natural and man-made water canals. Thais likewise have created klong systems or waterways as channels for transport and irrigation.

The War in Ukraine is Already Reshaping Global Order

Interview with  Dr. Sergei Konoplyov – former  Director of the Harvard Black Sea Regional Security Program initiated by the US, Harvard University -Kennedy School of Government.

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