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Monthly Archives: June, 2022

Diplomacy for the nonhumans in the Amazon: from Law to Industrial Design

Humans are subjects who have rights on account of their condition as men, while nonhumans are natural or artificial objects that do not have rights in their own right”

Sa Wat Dee*, diplomatic life!

Nataya Archjananun is originally from Thailand and she never forgets to tell how proud she is of her country.

Possible Impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War on Global Food Trade

The large-scale war that erupted between Russia and Ukraine, the two major grain-producing countries, undoubtedly will impact the global food market.

Bangladesh-Netherlands: Cruising Beyond 50 

This year the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and The Kingdom of the Netherlands are celebrating their Golden Jubilee of Diplomatic relationship. Diplomat magazine had a causerie with the Ambassador of Bangladesh H.E. Mr M Riaz Hamidullah to accentuate this memorable milestone.

When Will the War in Ukraine End?

The of War in Ukraine is planned to happen in September or October 2022 by Russia and also by analysts like Chan Kung from ANBOUND.

The Latin American Table, Sonia Meijer inspiration

Sonia Meijar founded The Latin American Table at Nieuwe of Littéraire Sociëteit De Witte a traditional club in The Hague to promote El Salvador and other countries in the region.

China’s Economic Development:  A Successful Model in the Rise of Nations

Rather than a country on the verge of greatness, China is currently the world's greatest nation. Every region on the planet was penetrated by China peacefully and without interfering in the affairs of states, the Chinese did not fall into their advance or establish subordinate governments and did not participate in military action outside their borders.

“Beauty Ban”: Severe restrictions on women’s appearance and ability to travel

In Turkmenistan, women are no longer allowed to wear "tight-fitting" clothes, dye their hair, or use beauty accessories such as false nails or eyelashes.

Of Energy and Dependencies in Europe

By Leyla Mammadova Climate change is all over the place across Europe and far beyond. Heatwaves have become more common in most parts of the...

Rwanda has the highest representation of women in parliament in the world. What factors have led to this feat?

By H.E. Mr. Oliver Jean Patrick Nduhungirehe, Ambassador of Rwanda to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, non-resident Ambassador to the Republics of Estonia, Latvia...

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