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An Algerian incoming Trade Mission toured the Netherlands

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In close coordination with the Dutch Embassy in Algeria and with its valuable support, an Algerian trade mission visited the Netherlands from June 27 to 30, 2022 as part of its participation in “Africa works 2022”.

Co-chaired respectively by the President of the Algerian Economic Renewal Council (CREA), Mr. Kamel Moula and the President of the Algerian-Dutch Business Council (CAAN), Mr. Mohamed Djadi, the delegation was made up of 8 businessmen, including CEOs of major companies operating in the sectors of industry, waste management, agri-food, hydraulics and maritime transport as Laboratoires Venus (Industry), Sopi Mama (agrifood), Copresud (transport of energy), Union Froid (agrifood), Agrivil (agrifood and pharmaceutical and veterinary industry), Alpo ( agrifood) and Green Sky (energy and environment).

The Algerian delegation accompanied by H.E. the Ambassador of Algeria to The Netherlands, Salima Abdelhak participated in the opening ceremony of « Africa Works” held on 28 June 2022 in The Hague.

Convened by the Africa-Netherlands Business Council (NABC), the Conference dedicated two successive sessions, scheduled field visits and B2B for the Algerian delegation.

The sessions offered an opportunity for the Algerian delegation to introduce the Algerian market and advocate for Dutch-Algerian partnership. While Ambassador Abdelhak reviewed the bilateral relations between Algeria and The Netherlands highlighting Algeria’s potential for a strong and diversified partnership, the chairs and the member of the Algerian delegation instructed the attendance on business environment and opportunities of the Algerian market as well as on the incentives recently enshrined in the new Algerian investment law, which are likely to foster partnership between the two countries.   

The presentations have drawn a great deal of interest among Dutch businessmen and economic operators. On the other hand, Algerian participants concluded by calling for acceleration of the financing of priority investment projects and establishing business relations and partnership between companies of both sides.

As part of their mission in The Netherlands, The Algerian delegation made a tour to some energy and water facilities in Rotterdam. Afterwards, they visited the Port of Rotterdam and some diary and mushrooms production plants where they have been thoroughly instructed on the functioning of these vital facilities.

The Algerian delegation had also the opportunity to meet with officials from the ministry of agriculture and established contacts with Dutch economic operators within the framework of B2B meetings and visited Dutch companies.

Later on, H.E. Mrs. the Ambassador of Algeria in The Hague offered a cocktail dinner in honour of the Algerian delegation amidst a friendly and pleasant atmosphere at the Residence of Algeria, drawing the participation of representatives of Dutch official institutions, African Ambassadors and Dutch business leaders active in the port, agricultural, renewable energy and industry sectors and enabled the Algerian delegation to continue its discussion and networking.

Ambassador Salima Abdelhak gave a welcome speech to her guests, introduced the members of the Algerian delegation and dressed the objectives of their visit.

Mrs Fens Rosmarijn, Managing Director of NABC commended the Algerian Mission being the first one after a long break and expressed her wishes to receive many others in the upcoming months.

About Mr. Kamel Moula

Kamel Moula

Mr. Kamel Moula, President of the CREA hailed the mission of the CREA, and recalled its main role in boosting the economic development of Algeria.

Putting ahead the size and potential of the Algerian market, he has drawn the attention into the new legal incentives put in place in order to attract investments especially the new investment Law.

Elected for three years, Kamel Moula, 44 years old, becomes the first Chairman of the Council for Algerian Economic Renewal (CAER/CREA).

The CREA was officially created on February 19, 2022 following a recommendation of the National Conference on Industrial Recovery held from December 4 to 6, 2021, under the high patronage of H.E. the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune during which he emphasized the importance of mobilizing all actors around the objectives of economic recovery.

The Council was created at the initiative of the leaders of 69 public and private sector companies based throughout the national territory, including internationally renowned companies such as the national oil company Sonatrach, the mobile operator Mobilis, the insurance company SAA, the pharmaceutical group Saidal and the External Bank BEA.

This employers’ organization is a key player in the national business community and an essential interlocutor of the various foreign business organizations. It will constitute a force of proposal and action on the national and international levels with the common objective of creating an attractive business climate conducive to development in order to achieve the economic renewal of Algeria.

Kamel MOULA has been, for 20 years, the CEO of LABORATOIRES VENUS, of which he has made a flagship of the Cosmetics Industry in Algeria. Passionate about his job, he makes of his business, a vector of innovation by providing it with a R&D and three quality control laboratories.

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