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Monthly Archives: July, 2022

Tourism for all

The Ministry of Tourism of Greece, in collaboration with the Ministries of Digital Governance, Finance, and Development & Investments, launched a new online program to stimulate the domestic tourism activity

Greece’s population up to date

The latest nationwide census in Greece yielded unexpected figures that show a clear reduction in the overall population.

Algeria works and it is worth it

The significan potential of Algerian Dutch cooperation and partnership highlighted by Ambassador Salima Abdelhak backing up an Algerian delegation to Africa Works 2022.

An Algerian incoming Trade Mission toured the Netherlands

Algerian incoming Trade Mission toured the Netherlands

Historias Desobedientes

The ambassador of Argentina, H.E. Mr. Mario Oyarzábal gave a garden reception for the delegation from the “Centro Ana Frank Argentina”. They runs a museum in Buenos Aires and organizes many lectures and other activities to teach young people about the horrors of the Holocaust fostering an awareness that will hopefully help that this horrible history will not repeat itself.

Special rapporteur – Freedom of Religion or Believe

UN Human Rights Council appoints Dr Nazila Ghanea as UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief.

Ukraine Accountability Conference – Justice can only be achieved by working together

The Ukraine Accountability Conference today marked an important moment in our collective efforts to deliver justice for alleged international crimes.

Genesis, Institutions and Instruments of the European Union: A Concise Guide on Euro-Multilateralism

The newest book of prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic is designed to provide a concise summary of the history and architecture of the European Union.

Humanitarian aid on society – Professor Thea Hilhorst wins prestigious Spinoza Prize

Professor Thea Hilhorst has been awarded the prestigious Spinoza Prize for her work on the impact of humanitarian aid on society and the ways in which people and institutions shape the organization of aid relations.

Burundi Celebrating 60 Years of Independence 

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the independence of Burundi, H.E. Ambassador Gamaliel Nkurunziza invited  ambassadors, chief of missions, Burundians and friends of Burundi to a garden party reception that brought together hundreds of persons.

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