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Monthly Archives: July, 2022

Morocco and Spain denounce organized infiltration scheme: Trade in human lives continues

Shocked by the violent armed wave of illegal immigration, attempting to cross the zone connecting Morocco to the European Union by more than 2,000 African illegal immigrants, the governments of Morocco and Spain, tried in vain to prevent this desperate movement of forcible crossing, despite the security measures employed to put an end to this risky adventure.

The Canal System and the Development of the Early American Economy

The transport system impact in the American Economy

ICC Deputy Prosecutor concludes technical visit to Tripoli

ICC Deputy Prosecutor, Ms Nazhat Shameem Khan, concludes technical visit to Tripoli, underlines commitment of the Office of the Prosecutor to renewed strategy for...

Consultative Meeting of Central Asian Leaders

Leaders of Central Asia issued a joint statement, as well as a Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborliness and Cooperation at Issyk-Kul, in Kyrgyzstan.

Leonardo’s Faces – Jill Vermeulen

Jill Vermeulen said: "What I learned so far is that the diplomatic world is not that formal as it seems. You can make a good conversation with the diplomats and they are open for it."

De Los Angeles, en Californie …

Le KRUMP a fait son apparition au Cameroun dans un contexte caractérisé par une multiplicité de communautés et de mouvements artistiques qui se mélangent, et se soutiennent entre eux.

Vladimir Putin will never stop

The social cohesion, the national identity and religion in Ukraine are not strong enough to unite them in one vigorous nation.

Openness as Prerequisite and Essential Pillar of Reforms in the New Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Anti-Corruption Agency is tasked with coordinating and constantly monitoring the openness in the activities of government authorities, expanding the list of open data, strengthening public control and cultivating in civil servants a culture of public accountability.

Why do the countries of the Middle East distance themselves from the Russo-Ukrainian war?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought about great changes in the international system.

Who is a primary winner in the emerging food crisis?

Since the outbreak of the Ukraine war, international grains prices, especially wheat, corn and sunflower, have soared causing a merging food crisis.

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