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Leonardo’s faces – Marc van Oostveen

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The Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade is represented by both new and more experienced employees working together with passion as one team, to deliver great service and to depict the hotel’s values. In these monthly written pieces, there is a focus on their values and their approach to our international clients.

Who are the employees as an individual? Allow us to introduce you to    
Marc van Oostveen

  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Function: Reception employee
  • Department: Front Office

When did you start working at the Promenade Hotel?

I started working at the Promenade Hotel back in September 2021, so it has almost been a year now.

What was your first impression of the Promenade Hotel?

When I first walked into the Promenade Hotel for my job interview, I immediately felt the warm and great atmosphere. It felt like coming home, even though I had never been here. I was greeted by sincere smiles and some fresh warm coffee as my (back then) future manager Else came to have a chat with me. After that chat I already knew; I want to work for this Hotel, this feels like home. I still remember that day vividly, and after 10 months it still feels like coming home whenever I get here.

What makes the Promenade Hotel suitable for welcoming people from all around the world?

What makes the Promenade Hotel suitable for welcoming people from all around the world, has to be our international events. We have the Food Festivals, and now with the new concept for our restaurant, LEO’S International Flavors, there are even more ways to see and taste the culture of different countries. Also, it is another way for people from other countries to taste some of their home cuisine, which is nice when you’re in a different country.

What do you value most in the organization of diplomatic events at the Promenade Hotel?

The thing I value most in the organization of diplomatic events at the Promenade Hotel must be teamwork; in order for an event to be successful you need good communication and a solidly working team. Everyone is ought to know what the guests want, and you are only able to achieve this all together, with the entire team. Building on each other and helping each other to make sure an event is successful is by far one of the greatest things about this job.

What did you learn so far by working with diplomats? Some tips, rules or values to share?

This might sound weird, but what I learned about working with diplomats is that they are normal working people too. I always hold them in high regard, and of course you should still remain formal, but the diplomats I met until now sometimes get surprised/happy when I ask them how their day has been. I feel like they appreciate it, so that is a tip; ask them how their day has been. Another great tip I got is: have friends in different countries. You get to know so many different cultures, and you find new places to visit for holidays for example, because you have friends there.

Which Food Festival has been your favorite so far or would you like to experience?

This is kind of a cheat question, because the Peruvian Food Festival is the only Food Festival I have experienced so far, so that has to be my favorite as of right now. A Food Festival I would love to experience has to be a Hungarian Food Festival. I have not been to the country (yet), but I would love to. Who does not love a good goulash right?

What local food(s), from abroad, have you tried already?

There are lots of local foods I have tried abroad. The most notable ones are from Iceland, where I lived for a couple months during an internship. I tried Hakarl, which is fermented shark. It’s not my cup of tea if I am being honest. Smoked puffin meat, which is a flavor I have never experienced, but it was good nonetheless. Whale meat, which tasted like the most tender steak you would ever have in your life and of course Brennivín, which isn’t a food, but it’s the national Icelandic tipple.

What is your favorite drink or dish at LEO’s International Flavors?

My favorite dish at LEO’s International Flavors has got to be either the Taco, because I love Mexican food and it’s such an easy and accessible dish. A good runner-up is the Beef tataki, which is also amazing because I love Japanese food as well. My favorite drink is for sure the Pisco Sour. Sours in general (also for instance whisky sour and amaretto sour) are my favorites. I first tasted this drink during the Peruvian Food Festival and I am thrilled to see that the drink made it to our regular menu.

What sustainable development goal do you value most? Why this one?

The sustainable development goal I value most is affordable and clean energy. Without clean and affordable energy and energy efficiency our technology will not have the ability to keep evolving. Without better technology, we will not be able to achieve a lot of the sustainable goals, because energy is one of the, if not the most important thing in the world. Without energy our world would fall in total chaos, and we cannot keep using fossil fuels, as they are running out, so clean, affordable and sustainable energy is in my opinion the most important.

What piece of good advice did you receive, and from whom, that you would like to forward?

The best piece of advice I got, which is also a piece of advice that I would like to forward, is actually from a movie. The advice is: ‘’Enjoy the little things.’’ There is way too much stuff in this world to worry about, so it is important to enjoy the fun small things in life, like watching a movie with your loved ones, going out for dinner with friends, walking through a forest on a rainy day (not too much rain though). It feels like everyone has too little time to actually enjoy themselves these days, which is sad to see.

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