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First Diplomatic Reception at Haagse Veteranen Sociëteit

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A new activity which fits the tradition of the Haagse Veteranen Societeit (Hague Veterans Club) was a reception for the military attaches during the Netherlands Veterans Day in The Hague. The Hague as the United Nations city of Peace and Justice annually honors the Dutch veterans during Veterans Day, which for the first since the Covid was held on Saturday the 25th of June.

Veterans Day is the national event where the whole of The Netherlands thanks more the than 100.000 veterans who have served in the service of peace, now and in the past. Since 2005 Veterans Day is being organized in The Hague on the last Saturday of June.

Sunny weather was the perfect backdrop for the large scale military parade in front of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander. Participating were both serving military as well as veterans. Representatives and their spouse of various embassies visited The Hague Veterans Club, including the ambassador of Argentine and former president of the Veterans Platform  Major-General (ret) Leen Noordzij. Military representatives from countries such as Indonesia, Belgium, France, Germany and the United States enjoyed the day.

The reception took place at Indonesian Restaurant Poentjak at Kneuterdijk owned by Mr. Tom Tompul, who is also the gracious host for almost 20 years of the monthly gathering of The Haagse Veteranen Societeit. The latter being part of Stichting Herdenking Veteranen (Foundation Commemoration Veterans).

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