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Young Water Diplomats Programme open for applications

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The  IHE Delft’s Young Water Diplomats Programme,  an interdisciplinary  training and networking programme for early career diplomats engaged in international water and environmental politics, today opened for applications. Participants will enhance their understanding of transboundary water challenges and advance their ability to use  tools for water cooperation and diplomacy.

Participants in the January to June 2023 programme will strengthen their ability  to help prevent and mitigate conflicts related to water and environment, and to foster environmental peacebuilding. Knowledge gained through the programme is relevant for both diplomats in national services and specialists working at multilateral organizations.

The programme features online and in-person learning activities such as lectures, reading assignments, group work and expert-led discussions. The programme comprises webinars twice a month and two on-campus workshops at IHE Delft in the Netherlands.

World-renowned academics

Thematic lectures will be delivered by world-renowned academics and experienced practitioners. Interactive meetings with diplomats active in the fields of water and environmental peace-building will create additional space for sharing experiences and getting first-hand knowledge.

IHE Delft experts involved in the programme include, among others, Susanne Schmeier, Associate Professor of Water Law and Diplomacy, Graham Jewitt, Professor of Hydrology and Aaron Wolf, Professor of Geography at Oregon State University and Professor of Water cooperation and diplomacy at IHE Delft. Practitioners and guest lecturers from the Middle East and North Africa region, the Horn of Africa, Sahel, and Central Asia regions will complement the programme.

The  Young Water Diplomats was first held  in 2022. Impressions can be found here: Young Water Diplomats Programme – helping future leaders learn about water

Application and funding

The programme fee is €1400, excluding travel, visa, insurance, living expenses and accommodation costs while  in Delft.

There are a limited number of fellowships for applicants from low- and middle-income countries that are financed by the  IHE Delft Water and Development Partnership Programme (DUPC3). Applicants seeking  scholarship funding must provide a formal confirmation from their employers about their availability to  participate in the programme.

Application for admission is open as of 29 September 2022. The deadline for application is 31 October 2022.

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