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Leonardo Faces – Sven Lispet

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The Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade is represented by both new and more experienced employees working together with passion as one team, to deliver great service and to depict the hotel’s values. In these monthly written pieces, there is a focus on their values and their approach to our international clients. Who are the employees as an individual? Allow us to introduce you to Sven

  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Function: Personal trainer
  • Department: Healthclub

When did you start working at the Promenade Hotel?

June 2021

What was your first impression of the Promenade Hotel?

A beautiful location where the employees provide extra attention to the members as actual people. This is different than in most sports venues.

What makes the Promenade Hotel suitable for welcoming people from all around the world?

Diversity amongst employees. In fact, several employees speak multiple languages. Moreover, the new restaurant concept also incorporates and focuses on representing different nationalities and countries. You can notice this in the dishes and drinks that are chosen from across the world.

What do you value most in the organization of diplomatic events at the Promenade Hotel?

The hotel has something to offer to everyone; regardless of whether they would like to come to the hotel for a meeting, a conference or a festivity.

What did you learn so far by working with diplomats? Some tips, rules or values to share?

Some of the diplomats were so kind to share tips of their favorite spots to visit for during my own holiday. Besides, they are also acquiring knowledge regarding culture and events in the country. 

Which Food Festival has been your favorite so far or would you like to experience?

Until now, I have not yet experienced one. Maybe one of the upcoming ones!

What is your favorite drink or dish at LEO’s International Flavors?

Don Papa rum on the rocks

What sustainable development goal do you value most? Why this one?

Good Health & Well-Being

In my opinion, health is a priority, but not merely the facilities that all people should be able to use, such as hospital, general practitioner and/or other medical support. The society can benefit from choosing the right things to eat, the right proportions to eat and to have a healthy lifestyle in general.

Nowadays, life is getting more convenient and luxurious, but it is not always beneficial to our health. Together, we can change this by providing extra attention to the development of children until they are young adults. Regarding a healthy diet, we should aim to provide a more friendly pricing strategy for the better foods in life. Additionally, we should share tips and ideas that explain the best way to prepare these foods and what exactly is best about preparing them this way.

Last, but not least, it is important to share knowledge about how the right balance between diet and an active lifestyle can help a person in making the most out of a day.

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