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ASEAN First Coffee Morning

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The ASEAN Ladies Circle, or ALC in The Hague, organised the first ASEAN Coffee Morning on Tuesday, 22 November 2022 to honour the solidarity and togetherness of ASEAN’s women, as indicated in the ASEAN motto “One Vision, One Identity, One Community,” and introduce the Netherlands’ international community to the rich culture of ASEAN nations.

The ALC invited the members of the Ambassadors Spouses Association (ASA) and Diplomat Magazine to participate on this special first ASEAN Coffee Morning.

The program promulgated the ASEAN identity by showcasing the vibrant culture of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. The event featured a fashion show, cultural entertainment, and delicious Southeast Asian cuisine.

Nataya Archjananum, ALC President during her welcome speech.

The festive program started with the singing of the ASEAN Anthem, followed by the welcome remarks by ALC President Madam Nataya Archjananun, spouse of the Ambassador of Thailand and current president of the ALC for the term 2021 – 2022. She stated “In the past, the ALC has taken in turn hosting coffee mornings, among ALC Embassies, to strengthen ASEAN sisterhood and networking. This year, we have decided to take our coffee mornings collectively to the next level.

We want to provide the Netherlands and the international community at large a glimpse to the rich cultural of ASEAN nations represented by the ALC. ASEAN nations are rich in cultural diversity, friendly people with natural charms, many beautiful sites to visit, and delicious food, and is on track to become 4th largest economy in the world. Imaging yourself taking a tour to visit ASEAN. So, fasten your seat belts and please enjoy your trip today. Kopkun mark ka. “”

Guests were introduced to performances of Panyembrama Dance from Indonesia, Wan Bulan dance from Malaysia, Igorat Cordillera Dance from the Philippines, and Rum Plern Dance from Thailand.

ASEAN Fashion Show

In addition, they were also introduced to the traditional attire of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The fashion show became even more spectacular as the spouses of ASEAN Ambassadors and H.E. Dato’ Nadzirah Osman, Ambassador of Malaysia paraded in their exquisite attires with Dr. Mayelinne De Lara of Diplomat Magazine graced the finale.

Diplomat Magazine’s Publisher, Dr. Mayelinne De Lara.
Mrs. Le Thi Hien Anh, spouse of Vietnam’s Ambassador.
Ms. Nataya Archjananun, Spouse of the Ambassador of Thailand.

Her dress represented ASEAN unity in diversity wearing Tusuk Konde or hair pin and a Batik scarf from Indonesia; a Philippines wrap around banaca blouse, a mudmee silk and a sarong/ikat  from Thailand. On her right hand, Dr De Lara carried  the Malaysian songket miniaudiere and a red fan from Viet Nam.

Every ASEAN country’s celebrations include delicious food, a warm ambience, and entertaining activities. Guests were invited to sample unique dishes from each ASEAN country, such as Nasi Lemak, Sa-te, Chendol, Pad Thai, Goi Cuon, Palabok, and Ube Macapano cupcakes.

The celebration ended on a high enjoyment, thanks partly to ASEAN Line Dance, performed by ASEAN Madams and all the attending guests.

The event was joined by members of the Ambassadors’ Spouse’s Association (ASA) and guests of the ALC. 

ASEAN, or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, is a regional organisation presently comprising 10 Southeast Asian nations. The ALC comprises spouses of ASEAN Ambassadors and diplomats, and female diplomats and staff members of 5 ASEAN Embassies based in The Hague, namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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