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Special increase statutory minimum wage from 1 January 2023

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From 1 January 2023, the level of the statutory minimum wage and the youth minimum wage will change. This time, because of inflation and to make work more attractive, the increase is much higher than usual.

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From 1 January 2023, for the first time since the introduction of the statutory minimum wage, a special increase will be applied on top of the normal indexation of wages. The aim, according to the government, is both to make work more attractive and to ensure a better living wage. Indeed, many benefits are linked to the level of the minimum wage.

This increase is the first in a series of three. Special increase is also scheduled for 1 January 2024 and 1 January 2025. In addition, there is a proposal, which is also backed by the government, to use a minimum hourly wage as a starting point for the level of the various minimum wages instead of a monthly minimum wage. As this is based on the then applicable minimum hourly wage for a 36-hour week, this will mean an additional increase in the minimum wage for employees working more than 36 hours a week.

Minimum wage

As of 1 January 2023, the statutory gross minimum wage for employees 21 years and older that work full-time will be:

1,934.40  per month
446.40  per week
89.28  per day

Please be informed that the law regarding gross minimum wage is statutory law. Therefore, the gross statutory minimum wage also applies to employment contracts with foreign employees that habitually perform their work in The Netherlands, even in case a choice of law has been made in the employment contract.

Statutory youth minimum wage

AgePercentagePer monthPer weekPer day
20 years80%€ 1,547.50€ 357.10€ 71.42
19 years60%€ 1,160.65€ 267.85€ 53.57
18 years50%€ 967.20€ 223.20€ 44.64
17 years39,5%€ 764.10€ 176.35€ 35.27
16 years34,5%€ 667.35€ 154.00€ 30.80
15 years30%€ 580.30€ 133.90€ 26.78


When the working time is shorter than the customary working time, the statutory (youth) minimum wage will be in proportion to the hours worked.

Hourly wage

The hourly wage may vary across the sectors, depending on the number of hours that is agreed upon as the customary working time. The customary working time is defined as the working time which has been agreed upon for full-time employment in a certain sector. In most collective labour agreements the working time of full-time employment is 36, 38 or 40 hours per week.

AgePercentage40 hours38 hours36 hours
21 years and older100%€ 11.16€ 11.75€ 12.40
20 years80%€ 8.93€ 9.40€ 9.92
19 years60%€ 6.70€ 7.05€ 7.45
18 years50%€ 5.58€ 5.88€ 6.20
17 years39,5%€ 4.41€ 4.65€ 4.90
16 years34,5%€ 3.85€ 4.06€ 4.28
15 years30%€ 3.35€ 3.53€ 3.72

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