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A new publication in Russian by a Brussels-based NGO

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Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF), a Brussels-based NGO, is officially launching a project to fight fake news, disinformation and censorship Russian citizens are constantly and forcefully fed with.

In the last few months, HRWF has progressively put in place and tested a weekly newsletter in Russian, especially for Russian citizens about a number of issues that are unreported, biasedly covered or censored by their media.

Russian online media outlets and journalists operating in exile from the European Union and Ukraine as well as Russian-speaking people, press correspondents, researchers, analysts and political decision-makers in the West are receiving this newsletter for free and are encouraged to share it through their channels with people living in Russia. The news are also distributed through social media and on HRWF’s website, including in a specific online database.

The topics covered during the test period were:

  • RUSSIA: Soldiers refusing to be cannon fodder on the Ukrainian frontline 
  • UKRAINE: “I want to live” – Russian soldiers surrender through Telegram channel to save their lives
  • RUSSIA: No political will to repatriate dead bodies of their soldiers
  • RUSSIA: ‘Cannon fodder’: Why elite Russian soldiers serving in Ukraine are angry
  • RUSSIA: Shooting down of MH17 flight: Three life sentences and Russia should be on trial
  • RUSSIA: 70 women travelling from Belgorod to Luhansk to find husbands
  • RUSSIA: Despite Kremlin crackdown, new independent media outlets appearing outside of Moscow
  • RUSSIAN FAKE NEWS CORNER: Jehovah’s Witnesses prepare an anti-Putin coup, says Russian lawyer Alexander Korelov
  • RUSSIA: Sexual violence and rapes as abuses of power in Russia’s war on Ukraine
  • RUSSIA: Rapper commits suicide, refusing to go to war
  • RUSSIA: Kremlin spokesman’s son refuses to join Russian army in prank call
  • RUSSIA: Who overpowered Russian forces in Kharkiv Oblast? NATO, according to Moscow
  • RUSSIA: Conflicting values and conflicting narratives: the case of Russia’s war on Ukraine
  • RUSSIA: Criminal trial against six Muslims following Turkish theologian Said Nursi
  • UKRAINE: NATO membership, human rights and peace

A partnership has been concluded with The European Times in Brussels to republish the news on its Telegram channel in Russian. The European Times, an internationally rising news outlet, has a specialized section on Human Rights on its multilingual platform and channel.

Published by HRWF

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