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Morocco continuing its fight against terrorism – Arrest of three ISIS-linked suspects

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By Eleni Vasiliki Bampaliouta

Officials of the provincial brigade of the Judicial Police of Casablanca, in close cooperation with the national brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ) and the General Directorate of State Surveillance (DGST), arrested, in the early hours of Wednesday, March 15, three suspects of involvement in the intentional homicide police officer on duty extremists, who are associated with the terrorist organization ISIS. Initial information from the investigation indicates that the suspects had recently declared “allegiance” to the alleged ISIS emir and were determined to participate in a local terrorist attempt aimed at seriously destabilizing public order.

According to the press release of the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN), the three suspected extremists were remanded in custody for the purposes of the investigation assigned by the competent prosecution authority to the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations, under the DGST, with the aim of elucidating any extensions of the terrorist plan and ties with international terrorist cells and organizations, the possible identification of accomplices and the determination of the causes and consequences of a case that claimed the life of a police officer, who fell on duty while performing security services on the public road network.

Morocco is a model in the fight against terrorism and extremist ideologies. At the national level, the country has developed a coherent, holistic and comprehensive National Strategy that takes into account all the factors that lead to radicalization and terrorism.

This North African country puts the experience and know-how it derives from the approach it has adopted at the service of the international community through its active participation in special forums and mechanisms aimed at preventing and combating terrorism.
The Kingdom, fully aware that no country can defeat violent extremism alone, favors international cooperation in all its forms, in particular, through triangular cooperation, North-South cooperation and South-South cooperation .

Finally, Morocco participates at the regional and international level in the dissemination of good practices and lessons learned at the national, regional and international level to combat violent extremism.

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