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Ambassador Delattre received in Thuringia

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Monday, 17 April 2023, Erfurt, Free State of Thuringia, Germany: Premier Bodo Ramelow received the Ambassador of the French Republic, H.E. François Marie Delattre, for an inaugural visit to the Thuringian State Chancellery. The Ambassador was offered the opportunity to sign the stately guestbook. 

Delattre was accredited to the German Federation on Tuesday, 27 September 2022. He arrived in Germany after serving as the Secretary-General of the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs, the second ranking official that is, from 2019 through 2022.

He speaks French, German and English. His illustrious career began in 1989. François Delattre has furthermore served in the capacity as Permanent Representative to the UN in NYC (2014-2019); Ambassador to the United States (2011-2014); Ambassador to Canada (2008-2011); or Consul General in New York (2004-2008).

Ambassador Delattre (b. 15 novembre 1963) holds a licentiate degree in International Law, and the diplomatic rank of Minister Plenipotentiary ‘hors classe‘ – extraordinary. 

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