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During the Construction Day, the public was able to visit the renovation construction site of the Binnenhof in The Hague for the first time. A large part of the rooms that are normally not accessible to the ‘privileged’, including historical period rooms such as the Acts Chamber, the plenary room of the Senate and the Old Hall of the House of Representatives, were open to visitors of all ages.
There was even a real sandpit on the Opperhof for the young diggers and they could also let loose in the wood workshop, which was set up in the Statenhal of the House of Representatives.
The public had the unique opportunity to walk through the virtually deserted Binnenhof. Walking through the buildings of the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Council of State, visitors were given an explanation about the various building parts, the 800-year history of the Binnenhof and a small insight into what the Binnenhof will look like after the renovation to see.

The stained glass ceiling of the central hall of the Senate, designed by Herman Veldhuis (1878-1954) and executed in 1914 by glass workshop ‘t Prinsenhof in Delft, under the supervision of glazier Jan Schouten (1852-1937).

The ooh’s and the ah’s were not from the sky when seeing the splendor of the ancient building complex.The Central Government Real Estate Agency, the archeology department of the municipality of The Hague and the construction companies Heijmans, BURGY Bouwbedrijf, JP van Eesteren, Croonwolter&dros, Nico de Bont, Bouwpositie de Kroon (Homij and Koninklijke Woudenberg) and Van Hattum en Blankevoort proudly showed their commitment, expertise and ensure the preservation of more than 800 years of cultural heritage.
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