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Good wines and diplomacy go hand in hand

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Verbunt Verlinden is a leading modern Dutch wine importer, representing a global range of top brands to the Netherlands. Since 2010, it has become part of the Salentein Company, owned by the Mijndert Pon family.

With wines from the more affordable ones to the leading wineries, from the traditional to the innovative and quirky, Verbunt Verlinden supplies various customer groups in the Netherlands, different wine merchants, independent liquor stores and wholesalers as well as the catering industry. In addition, Verbunt Verlinden supplies wines to various large parties with national distribution.

Bodegas Salentein

We recently talked to Mr. Peter van Houtert, managing director of the company. Mr. Van Houtert emphasized especially on the attention that the company pays to quality of its products.

‘Verbunt Verlinden focuses on wholesale, catering and independent wine specialty stores, called Wijnkring, a select group of wine specialists. There are approximately 110 Wijnkring stores spread throughout the Netherlands, as being the largest and oldest wine retail concept in the country, a partnership of independent liquor stores and wine merchants, who distinguish themselves by a wide and high-quality range of wines from all parts of the world. In The Hague you can find our wines at Jansen Wijnen,  Willem Royaardsplein 6, 2597 GS Den Haag, or by www.wijnkring.nl’.

Mr. Van Houtert continued telling us about the company values ‘corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also very important to us. We try to choose wineries that are committed to CSR, with focus on organic or biodynamic and vegan viticulture and/or following (regional) rules, thus obtaining certificates regarding sustainability and Fair Trade. Meanwhile, Verbunt Verlinden strives to transport the greatest possible amount of wine at the lowest possible mileage. To minimize our impact on the environment, we have as many wines as possible delivered via the Barge tunnel in the port of S’Hertogenbosch, via inland shipping instead of road transport’.

Verbunt Verlinden also complies with certain specified qualitative requirements relating to the business, such as quality of purchased and delivered wines, transport, environment, purchasing and food safety. This is stated in the license conditions that the KVNW agrees with each Registerd Wine Merchant, following high international standards such as HACCP, BRC, IFS and ISO 9001/22000.

When it comes to the special connection to the diplomatic world, Mr. Van Houtert says: ‘I am also President of the Royal Association of Dutch Wine Importers. We have a very good relation with the diplomatic community in The Hague, especially related to the wine producing countries. That is why sometimes we have meetings hosted by the official residences of the Ambassadors of South-Africa, Germany, Australia or Argentina. For them it is an excellent opportunity to inform our members about new developments is their wine businesses’.

Mr. Van Houtert adds that, among others, because of Bodegas Salentein, the company has a special relation with the embassy of Argentina.  Verbunt Verlinden was the supplier of some of the most exquisite wines for the New Year Diplomatic Reception at the Peace Palace and the 10th Diplomats Welcome After-Summer party. ‘We regularly support the embassy with our Argentinian wines for special occasions. We will, if possible, continue to do so also for the same event, next year’.

Our distinguished guests could not be more pleased and are certainly looking forward to discover more quality wines from Verbunt Verlinden!

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