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Las Hermanas Vera: A Spectacular Performance of Authentic Argentine Folklore

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On Wednesday, October 25th, the Argentine Embassy in The Hague was graced by the presence of Las Hermanas Vera, the legendary exponents of Argentinian Chamamé folklore. Their performance was nothing short of exceptional, captivating the audience that had filled the embassy’s halls with joy and energy from the very first note.

The Vera Sisters, hailed as legends of Argentine Folk Chamamé, delivered a concert that will be remembered for years to come.

The Hermanas Vera, Argentinian Chamamé folklore.

This exclusive concert was made possible through the generous sponsorship of the Argentine Embassy, in collaboration with Diplomat Magazine.

With over 100 original compositions and 32 albums to their name, along with two Gardel awards, Las Hermanas Vera are not just singers and songwriters; they are living legends who have crafted an extraordinary career that began in the 1970s in their hometown of Caa Cati, in the General Paz Department of the Corrientes Province.

Argentine Folk Chamamé, Embassy of Argentina.
Argentine Folk Chamamé’s concert.

Rafa Vera, the elder of the sisters, took her first steps in music in the church choir and school performances, followed by Boni Vera, the youngest of six sisters. It was there that they began to cultivate their musical talents, under the guidance of their father, Felix Vera, a farmer who also played the guitar and accordion. He imparted the first arpeggios on the guitar to Rafa and Boni, setting in motion a remarkable journey that has been characterized by a ceaseless harvest of success, awards, and recognitions, both on a national and international scale.

The concert began with a warm welcome from Diego Sadofschi, Minister Counsellor of Argentina, who greeted the numerous guests in attendance. Among the distinguished guests were diplomats, Dutch and Argentinians, and the ambassadors of Uruguay, H.E. Alvaro Gonzalez Otero, and Bolivia, H.E. Roberto Calzadilla Sarmiento.

Rafa Vera and Boni Vera, with Diego Sadofschi, Minister Counsellor of Argentina, their musicians and the embassy of Argentina staff.

Once the formalities were done, the stage was set for Las Hermanas Vera to work their magic. The show kicked off, and it was a continuous stream of heartwarming, soul-stirring music. Songs like “Villa Guillermina,” “A Pesar de Amarte Tanto,” “Para ti,” “Falso Juramento,” and many others flowed seamlessly, leaving no room for rest.

The audience was thoroughly engaged, with many joining in to sing along. The exceptional musicians accompanying Las Hermanas Vera were a testament to the rich rhythms of Chamamé, enhancing the entire concert experience.

Boni Vera
Rafa Vera

Following the concert, the Argentine Embassy graciously hosted a reception where guests could savor Argentine wines, chipa, empanadas, and alfajores. This was a moment for photos and warm embraces, as the evening had created an unforgettable bond between the audience and Las Hermanas Vera.

Chamame has been included as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO in 2020. The performance by Las Hermanas Vera was a shining example of how the Argentine Embassy consistently brings authentic Argentine culture to the Netherlands. It was a unique cultural encounter with first-class Argentine Chamamé, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those in attendance. Congratulations to the Embassy of Argentina for yet another remarkable cultural event that further strengthens the bridge between Argentina and the Netherlands.

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