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Lera  Auerbach In Concert   

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By Roy Lie Atjam

The great pianist, conductor and composer Lera Auerbach was in town, celebrating her fiftieth birthday. A special concert was slated at Amare Hall of Music The Hague on 20 October 2023.

Before the concert, there was a traditional One Minute Symphony by composition student Annija Zarina of the Royal Dutch Conservatory.

Sitting at the piano, Lera Auerbach (Tsjeljabinsk 1973) a pianist and conductor in the grand master’s manner, performed Mozart’s dramatic Piano Concerto No. 20 K. 466. This was followed by Symphony No. 5, with the subtitle ‘Paradise Lost’, telling the story of Adam and Eve. A funeral march about lost paradises is followed by passages evoking an unreal, magical alternative world, featuring harp, chimes, and vibraphone.

Lera Auerbach Festival
Annija Zarina  One Minute Symphony 
Mozarts  Piano concert nr. 20 K.466
Auerbach Symphony nr. 5 ‘Paradise Lost’

Lera Auerbach is one of the most exciting creative performers in the world. She is a pianistic powerhouse.

Amare organized a Lera Auerbach Festival from 15-22  October 2023, including all aspects of her artistic offerings, conducting, piano performance, composition, and visual art. Lera Auerbach holds various degrees. Her mentors are Milton Babbitt, Rosalyn Tureck, Joseph Kalichstein, and Einar Steen-Nøkleberg.    It’s worth noting an interesting remark made by Auerbach that sounds almost prophetic, especially in the ongoing narratives about nature and climate change. She says that ultimately, our main goal is to save ourselves, given that it is our world which is disappearing. As for nature, she believes that it will be just fine. In conclusion of the concert, Lera Auerbach received rapturous applause for her stellar performance.                          
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