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Commemoration of the National Day of the Republic of Panama

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On December 4th, the Ambassador of Panama to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Elizabeth Ward Neiman, presided over the celebration of the National Day of Panama in The Hague. The event brought together members of the diplomatic corps, international organizations, academics, friends of Panama, and Panamanians, marking the 120th anniversary of the birth of the Republic with a reception characterized by solemnity, solidarity, and patriotism.

In her address, Ambassador Neiman commemorated the courage, determination, and indomitable spirit of the Panamanian people, recognizing the historic events that shaped the nation’s identity and paved the way for independence and sovereignty. She highlighted key moments in Panama’s history, such as its proclamation of independence from Spain on November 28th, 1821, and the significant chapter on November 3rd, 1903, when the country separated from Colombian rule to assert absolute independence.

National Day of Panama 2023

Reflecting on these historical milestones, the Ambassador emphasized the Panamanian people’s ability to unite for a better future grounded in hard work, cultural diversity, and a shared commitment to achieving great goals. “Today, Panama stands out as a friendly, safe, vibrant, and continuously growing country with a thriving economy based on innovation and openness to the world.”

The Ambassador acknowledged the importance of international collaboration, particularly with the host country, the Kingdom of The Netherlands. “Over the past three years, bilateral agreements between national agencies, universities, and medical research centers have strengthened ties. The import of Panamanian products and Dutch investments continues to grow, exemplified by the repatriation of 343 pieces of pre-Hispanic cultural heritage, a historic return for both the Netherlands and Central America.”

Milciades Castillo Gonzalez, Head of Commercial Section, Jorge Corrales Hidalgo, Attache, Ambassador Ward Neiman and Renato Famiglietti Moreno, Second Secretary.

The Ambassador expressed gratitude for the contributions of Panamanians residing abroad, emphasizing their power, commitment, and love for Panama as crucial elements in strengthening cultural ties and contributing to the country’s development.

“On this special day, Panama reaffirms its allegiance to the principles of freedom, democracy, peace, and justice that have guided its history. The Ambassador extended National Day greetings to all Panamanians and friends, celebrating the rich history, diversity, and greatness of the country.”

Before the short award ceremony, Ambassador Neiman thanked sponsors, including Air Europa, Leonardo Hotel, and Diplomat Magazine, for their support. She then proceeded to recognize two special individuals from Panama and the Netherlands who have made significant contributions to Panama’s development or left a positive imprint on the country in the past year.

“Chef Roberto Torres, who provided the evening’s food, received recognition for his culinary contributions, promoting Latin gastronomy creatively at the renowned restaurant SELVA in Amsterdam. Vincent Westmass, a dedicated promoter of Panama and a friend of the Embassy, was acknowledged for his efforts in collecting rare Panamanian literature and cultural artifacts, as well as organizing tours to remote areas, promoting tourism among the Dutch.”

Panama Embassy’s team, first row Jorge, Johanna, Milciades, Sheila, Renato. Second row, Roberto Torres, Vincent Westmass and Ambassador Ward.

The Ambassador concluded the ceremony with a heartfelt appreciation for her Embassy team, recognizing Milciades, Renato, Jorge, Sheyla, and Johanna as the committed backbone behind the Embassy’s achievements. The evening closed with a round of applause for all those involved.

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