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A Winter by the Sea: A Dutch Art Extravaganza in Scheveningen

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The picturesque coastal town of Scheveningen, located in The Hague, is set to become a hub of artistic brilliance with the upcoming exhibition titled “A Winter by the Sea.” Organized by Triple A Projects, this exhibition brings together a group of talented Dutch artists whose works captivate and inspire.

Festive Opening on January 13 at 3 pm

Mark your calendars for a festive opening on January 13 at 3 pm, where art enthusiasts and the local community can gather to celebrate the creative endeavors of these renowned Dutch artists. The event is not just an exhibition; it’s a cultural celebration that invites everyone to immerse themselves in the world of artistic expression.

Participating Artists

The exhibition boasts a diverse lineup of artists, each with a unique perspective and distinctive style. The participating artists include Marisa Polin, Rob van’t Zelde, Maria Neefjes, Lia Harkes, Marijke de Wit, Gerbrand Volger, Willeke van Tijn, Lotje van Lieshout, Wieke Terpstra, and Andre van Lier.

Explore the artists’ individual worlds by visiting their websites, such as Marisa Polin, Rob van’t Zelde and discover the depth and diversity they bring to “A Winter by the Sea.”

Mark your calendars for a festive opening on January 13 at 3

Exhibition Details

The exhibition will be open on January 13/14, 20/21, and 27/28, 2024. Visitors can explore the artistic wonders from 1 pm to 5 pm on these dates. The venue, located at Strandweg 171-173, Noordboulevard, Scheveningen, promises an immersive experience with the sea as a breathtaking backdrop.

For those arriving by car, convenient parking is available behind the exhibition venue. Alternatively, public transport is easily accessible via tram 9, with the nearest stop being Zwarte Pad.

Rob van’t Zelde

More Information

For additional details about the exhibition, visit the Triple A Projects website at www.allaboutartprojects.nl. For inquiries, feel free to reach out to Det Regts and Saskia Groenewegen, the organizers of this artistic endeavor.

Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or just beginning your artistic journey, this exhibition promises a delightful and enriching experience by the sea. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this cultural celebration in Scheveningen!

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