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Eurojust coordinates arrests in Swedish cannabis trafficking case

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Eurojust has supported the Swedish and Spanish authorities in the coordinated arrest of four suspects involved in the wholesale and transport of cannabis and other illicit drugs. The main suspect was allegedly organising the reception of the drugs in Sweden and their distribution in and around Stockholm. He was arrested in Spain based on a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) with a view to surrender him to Sweden. 

Eurojust set up a coordination centre last week to assist the Swedish and Spanish authorities with the exchange of information and the execution of the EAW, as well as European Investigation Orders. A number of premises were also searched and various goods and telecommunications equipment seized during concerted actions in both countries.

Based on the interception and decoding by the Swedish authorities of large-scale encrypted communications, it was established that the suspects has transported, received and stored large quantities of cannabis in the second half of 2020.  During this period, also a large quantity of the synthetic drug MDMA was handled. .

At the request of the Swedish authorities, Eurojust enabled contact with their counterparts in Spain, where the main suspect in this case was residing. The actions on the ground were carried out at the request of and by the following authorities:

·       Sweden: Public Prosecutor’s Office of Stockholm; Swedish Police; Nordic Police and Customs Liaison Officer, Malaga.

·       Spain: Public Prosecutor’s Office of Alicante, International Cooperation Unit; Guardia Civil; Policía Nacional.

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