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Argentina Reaffirms Support for Israel Amidst Security Concerns in Triple Border

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In a resolute stance, the Argentine government has reiterated its unwavering support for Israel while expressing deep concern over security challenges in the Triple Border region.

This affirmation comes in the wake of a high-level meeting chaired by President Javier Milei, with the presence of the Israeli Ambassador to Argentina, H.E. Mr. Eyal Sela. The meeting, convened urgently amidst escalating tensions, saw the Chief of Cabinet, Nicolás Posse, presenting a confidential document prepared by the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI). Ambassador Sela provided crucial insights into recent Iranian attacks, shedding light on their modus operandi.

President Milei, who cut short his international tour and decided to suspend his visit to Denmark to address the pressing issues at hand, promptly called for an emergency session of his cabinet. The meeting, lasting just under an hour and a half, delved into sensitive areas such as Defense and Intelligence, with special reports presented by Nicolás Posse.

In response to the heightened security threats, the Argentine government has taken proactive measures, raising the alert level in various parts of the country, particularly in the Triple Border region. The move underscores the administration’s commitment to safeguarding national security and fostering robust international partnerships, particularly with allies like Israel.

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