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International Organization for Migration in the Netherlands

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By Alexandra Paucescu

Founded in 1951, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration, with 175 member states and a presence in over 100 countries. The International Organization for Migration started its activities in the Netherlands in 1991, with projects including facilitating voluntary return and reintegration, supporting refugees accepted for resettlement and family reunification, services aimed at inclusion and labor and skills mobility. IOM Netherlands assists migrants who wish to return voluntarily to their country of origin and support their sustainable reintegration by offering information and counseling services, procuring travel documents, arranging safe travel and providing reintegration support.

Voluntary return assistance is available to most migrants. Anyone returning with IOM assistance can benefit from an extra package for reintegration. The reintegration budget consists of a maximum of 1800 EUR for adults, 2800 EUR for minor children returning with their families and 2800 EUR for unaccompanied minor children. The amount can be used for an income generating activity (such as a small business), education and, if necessary, on accommodation. Before departure from the Netherlands, a reintegration plan will be drafted with the help of IOM counselors, explaining how the budget will be used. Once back in the home country, the budget will be received. A maximum of 300 EUR of the total budget can be received in cash, upon departure from Schiphol airport.

The data provided regularly by IOM can bring valuable insights into trends and patterns in voluntary return support from IOM Netherlands. By analyzing data on the number of people receiving assistance, their country of origin and their reasons for returning, IOM can better understand the needs of migrants and improve its services.

Between January and March IOM Netherlands spoke to a total of 961 people about the assistance that IOM can provide for voluntary return. 75.5% of this group decided to submit an application to IOM and prepare for their departure from the Netherlands. This (eventually) led to the departure of 482 people in the first three months of the year. 70% of them were males.

Among the top areas of destination were Brazil, Indonesia, Turkiye and Republic of Moldova.

About two-thirds of the migrants who left in the first quarter can claim a reintegration budget after their return and thus develop an activity that helps to provide for their livelihood after their return. 10% of the people IOM supported received additional medical support. This can vary from a medical escort to the provision of crutches or a wheelchair during the trip and an extra budget for medical expenses after return.

The collaboration between return migrants and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Netherlands highlights the transformative power of support systems in facilitating successful reintegration. By offering tailored assistance, IOM Netherlands empowers returnees to rebuild their lives with dignity and resilience.

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