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When a Friend Moves On

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Oscar Izquierdo, an experienced and charismatic diplomat, and Minister Counsellor of Ecuador, has been designated as the Consul General in Genoa, Italy. To bid him farewell, his colleagues from GRULAC organized a luncheon.

Greeting Oscar Izquierdo in The Hague during the lunch were:

  • – Manuel Ignacio Morales Ovares, Consul General, Embassy of Costa Rica
  • – Juliano Rojas Maia, Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Brazil
  • – Oscar Wilfredo Paredes Loza, Minister, Embassy of Peru
  • – Maria Fernanda Vila, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Chile
  • – Dayana Perez Fernandez, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Dominican Republic
  • – Renato Antonio Famiglietti Moreno, Second Secretary, Embassy of Panama
  • – Diego Emilio Sadofschi, Minister, Embassy of Argentina
  • – Pablo Daniel Bayarres Fernández, Counsellor, Embassy of Uruguay

They all praised Oscar’s human and professional qualities and reminisced about special moments shared during their time in The Hague.

The Minister of the Ecuadorian Foreign Service, Oscar Izquierdo, has developed his diplomatic career for more than 30 years. He has served in the Ecuadorian embassies in Germany, the Russian Federation, Canada, Chile, the Netherlands, and now is currently assigned to Genoa, Italy. He has served in different diplomatic ranks in Commercial Offices, Consular Sections, and in bilateral and multilateral functions, covering areas such as Technical Cooperation, Europe, Regional Integration, Protocol, Cultural Heritage, Tourism Affairs, Neighbourhood Relations, and Sovereignty. He was the Director of International Relations of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Defence and has also served in several positions in his Chancellery in Quito.

Oscar Izquierdo graduated from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador and the United Kingdom Diplomatic Academy in International Law and Diplomacy. He has completed diplomatic training courses in Ecuador, the UK, Germany, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Diplomat Magazine wishes him a brilliant future in Genoa.

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