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Useful Info before you write for us

Guidelines for ambassadors and Head of  Diplomatic Missions:

Please read the Important Notice below this page.

1- Write the title of your article at the top, try to keep the title as short as possible.

2- Write below the title your personal reference, like:  ”By Roger Keith, Ambassador of …”

3- Email your article in Word format, if possible no exceeding  500 words.

4- Deadline to submit your article via publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu   attention to our Publisher assistants, is the 27th day of the previous month of publicationDiplomat Magazine is published the first Sunday of the month. 

  • Use Times font,  11 points all over  the text (including the title of your article in lower-case), align left. Do not use bold text, no underline, no colour, no boxes, please no pictures inserted in your Word document. In case of doubt please refer to this model of article MODEL.2.EMAIL_.R.ARTICLES (2)
  •  Ambassador’s personal picture for his article or an interview.
    a) If you are a Head of Diplomatic mission, Diplomat Magazine usually publish your contributing article with your personal official picture, this is part of our policy. For better quality and to avoid technical problems we highly suggest that you fix an appointment with one of our volunteer photographer at publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu  he-she will be pleased to visit you and take a set of professional pictures, unless you can supply us a picture 600 pixels width by 450 height, high quality Jpeg format.

Open this link to take a look on how Head of diplomatic missions are successfully writing for us: https://diplomatmagazine.eu/category/blog-posts/

Note: Former diplomats are welcome to write for us. The publication of your article is a complimentary service of Diplomat Magazine. 



Non Head of diplomatic missions (including former ambassadors) area allowed to write in our Diplomatic news, Diplomatic Pouch, Breaking news, Travel, Culture & Events, Business, Upcoming events and Recent events sections. Our Publisher will decide, if approved, in which section and when it will be inserted. When a contributing writer is not anymore part of our volunteer team, or has quitted us or has been dismissed, Diplomat Magazine reserves the right to delete (without prejudice) the contributing writer’s name and picture.

Please follow these recommendations before emailing us your article.

As a non-Head of Diplomatic mission contributing writer or interviewee, we also suggest to please fix an appointment with our volunteer photographer via diplomatmagazinenl@gmail.com. You could instead supply us a high quality picture, horizontal, jpeg format, width between 275and 300 pixels / and  between 125 and 175 pixels height.

The publication of your article is a complimentary service of Diplomat Magazine.

Deadline to submit your article to  diplomatmagazinenl@gmail.com  is the 25th day of the previous month of publication.  Official contributing articles are published the first Sunday for the month. An extension to submit your article may be allowed.


Contributing writers are responsible for the content of their own articles.

We accept unsolicited articles from non-diplomats, such as senior professors, politicians, international affairs researchers, NGOs, entrepreneurs and the like. Only our Publisher Assistants can select articles submitted to us for publication at publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu  Contributing writers are not paid for their volunteer inputs. They are fully responsible for the content of their own articles.  Submit your articles following this model MODEL.2.EMAIL_.R.ARTICLES (2)_____________

*PUBLICATIONS IN OUR “Recent events” section


This section is updated on weekly basis*. This is where we place your National Day and your recent special diplomatic events with pictures and a short note. This section is one of our most successful ones. “I have to open DM’s Recent Events section almost daily, it is becoming a habit for me, I love what you have done with this magazine”  says a member of Parliament.

When you invite Diplomat Magazine to your event, we guarantee its publication in our Recent event section at no cost. 

The best option is to send an invitation to our Publisher so he (or his representative) can write about it in Diplomat Magazine. We usually bring one photographer as well, this is a free service.

Please note that if we are  unable to attend your event, you may email us a press-release (max 100 words and four pictures in jpeg format, horizontal, best quality between 250 and 300 pixels width, for our Recent event section to: diplomatmagazinenl@gmail.com 

Use Times font, 12 points all over  the text (including the title of your article in lower-case), align left, no bold text, no underline, no colour, please no pictures inserted in your Word document.

Model for your press-release (note), click here: Guideline.4.recent.events.notes

Diplomat Magazine’s address: Zuid-Hollandlaan 7, 2596 AL
Den Haag, Netherlands. 




Short Press-releases (notes) for our Upcoming events, Breaking news”, Travel, Culture&Events, Business sections.


This section is updated daily. It is a complimentary service where you can announce for free your upcoming events.
 For this section your press-release should have max 100 words.  Word document format, 11 points and Times font.  Enclose one picture 350 pixels width, jpeg format,  horizontal. It may be published within 72 hours at no cost.


These sections can receive inputs anytime. Email us your article at:  publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu  between 300 and 450 words (Word document), 11 points, Times font, align left. You can attach one horizontal jpeg  picture, between 250 and 300 pixels width.  Follow this model before submitting your article for publication in Breaking news, Travel, Culture&Events or our Business section. MODEL ON HOW TO EMAIL YOUR ARTICLES, CLICK HERE: MODEL.2.EMAIL_.R.ARTICLES (2)

*Writing For Border-Crossing Academics, Peer review and, Publicaitons

Border-Crossing is a monthly online magazine that was created to enhance Diplomat Magazine’s valuable academic-practitioner dialogue. We aim to be an engaging and informative publication that offers an international and interdisciplinary perspective on diverse issues affecting diplomats.

The magazine also offers a variety of advertising services for published authors and firms in the field of diplomacy. See link for more detail on legibility and how to write for our academic chapter.


Also consider publishing your book with Border-Crossing. We offer numerous resources for authors envisioning to publish their books or get peer reviewed.

You could also contact Broder-Crossing at:    bordercrossing.info@gmail.com


* Our Publisher reserves the right to refuse or postpone an article, suspend a contributing writer or a member of our staff at anytime without further explanation or prejudice.  
** Please note that our sponsors and members of the diplomatic corps have priority for publication.

*Important notice: The aforementioned ambassadors are our first contributing writers and founders.  The Diplomatic corps fully supports Diplomat Magazine (DM), a non-profit organization in the Netherlands. The opinions emitted by our contributing writers are not necessarily those expressed by other volunteer staff or Diplomat Magazine itself.   Each volunteer staff is responsible for his/her own article/picture/image in the magazine. Pictures, images and articles written by our volunteer staff remains the property of Diplomat Magazine. The latter can use it for further publications in our Online or printed version without permission to the volunteer writer. The credits of the volunteer writer or photographer may not be inserted in the picture or in the article itself but in the colophon only. However, we will do our best to include the credits. All the articles and pictures received by Diplomat Magazine for publication represents a volunteer contribution to Diplomat Magazine. The latter  can use them as reference for other articles in Diplomat Magazine or can be published in our Online, Printed version or our social media without previous advice to the contributor  writer or photographer. Same applies with pictures received from any volunteer or paid photographer. All the photographers mentioned in our colophon are automatically considered volunteer photographers, same as any other person mentioned in our colophon. Pictures submitted to Diplomat Magazine will remain the property of Diplomat Magazine and can be used for further Diplomat Magazine publications, Online, printed versions or social media.  Diplomat Magazine accepts  articles and pictures subject to these conditions.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: Diplomat Magazine reserves the right to delete the name of contributing writers and keep their articles without their credits, this without previous advice and without prejudice.  Diplomat Magazine can also delete any article from our Web site without previous advice and without prejudice. Diplomat Magazine can delete from our colophon the name of any of our contributing writer or volunteer without previous advice and without prejudice. Contributing writers or volunteers shall send in writing to publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu  Cc to drembassy@gmail.com  if they decide not to be part anymore of the volunteer staff or contributing writing of Diplomat Magazine. 

Diplomat Magazine’s address: Zuid-Hollandlaan 7, 2596 AL
Den Haag, Netherlands.