Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Adrian Zienkiewicz

An International Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

No matter how man-made ecological disasters occur, there are long term economic repercussions and a negative impact on the quality of life. What then is the role of international law in disaster risk reduction?

OPEC and International Law

Many countries experienced an energy crisis in 2021, and although there is greater diversity in primary energy production, a total transition away from oil is impractical, if not impossible, for the next few decades. That is where OPEC’s relative power shines through as its members' proven crude oil reserves account for nearly 80% of global reserves as per OPEC’s 2018 reports. How is OPEC perceived through the scope of international law?

Cyberwarfare and International Humanitarian Law

By Adrian Zienkiewicz and Eugene Matos De Lara A virtual universe where assets and ideas are exchanged rapidly has become reality, and so too has...

International Law and Diplomatic Covert Intelligence

By Eugene Matos and Adrian Zienkiewicz Most discussion around diplomacy is usually about how they go about representation, however little is discussed about the equally...

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