Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Ambassador Chatri Archjananun

A Day in Thailand: A Spectacular Garden Party Celebrating Culture and Friendship

Amidst the vibrant colors and warm atmosphere, a garden party like no other was hosted at the residence of Ambassador Chatri Archjananun and his...

A Day in Thailand, A Thai Festival

By Roy Lie Atjam H.E. Ambassador Chatri Archjananun gladly invites you and your spouse to "A Day in Thailand”  on 7 July 2023 at the Thai Residence.  It...

Sa Wat Dee*, diplomatic life!

Nataya Archjananun is originally from Thailand and she never forgets to tell how proud she is of her country.

Water for Development and Cooperation

Thailand and The Netherlands share a common culture of constructing livelihoods throughout natural and man-made water canals. Thais likewise have created klong systems or waterways as channels for transport and irrigation.

Thai Flavors Festival in The Hague and Amsterdam

Thailand showed off her culinary prowess during the “ Thai Flavors”  festival at LEO’s restaurant of the Leonardo Royal Hotel in The Hague and  Amsterdam on April 22-23 and 29-30 respectively.

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