Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Artificial Intelligence


By Ljubodrag Simonovic The theory of "the obsolescence of man" has become one of the most aggressive social and anthropological theories in the contemporary world,...

As AI Makes More Decisions The Nature Of Organizational Policy-Making Will Also Change

By Mostafa Sayyadi & Michael Provitera Today, we face countless opportunities and threats from artificial intelligence. Taking advantage of these opportunities and avoiding the growing...

Swiss-based startup fairaly combines the power of analytics and AI to achieve ESG goalsĀ 

July 2023, ZĆ¼rich, Switzerland - With the European directive seeking to put an end to pay secrecy by March 2023, companies are feeling the...

Armando Varricchio welcomed in DĆ¼sseldorf

PremierĀ Hendrik WĆ¼stĀ received Italy's AmbassadorĀ Armando VarricchioĀ for his inaugural visit to the State Chancellery. The exchange focused on the close relations between the two countries, and the further expansion of the partnership with the Piedmont region, which was concluded last year.

United Arab Emirates Continues its Policy of Modernizing Intelligence Services

UAE is Modernizing Intelligence Services developing predominantlly their technical segments such as Signal Intelligence and more recently Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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