Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Chinese President Xi Jinping

Russia’s war in Ukraine, the backdrop to Pope’s Kazakh visit

Russia’s war in Ukraine and the Holy See’s strained relations with China are the backdrop to Pope Francis’ visit this week to the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan.

The USA pull-out from Afghanistan: igniting star wars?

By Sazzad Haider    Will America turn back to its historic isolation era?  Because, according to Joe Biden “the USA cannot and should not be fighting in...

China’s Reaction to the US Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan

By US President Joe Biden has made a strategic decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan, after twenty years of military presence under the pretext of...

The World and the COVID-19 pandemic. Romania in the Global Geopolitical Context

or a Few Things on ”The Great Reset” and ”The Social Distancing” Motto: “Whatever happens in your life is the result of two facts: something that...

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