Thursday, May 30, 2024
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European Investigation Orders

European Judicial Network celebrates 25 years, seeing rise in requests for day-to-day judicial cooperation

European Judicial Network celebrates 25 years assisting judges and prosecutors with day-to-day cooperation on criminal justice matters worldwide.

Fraudulent online investment platform

Eurojust and Europol have supported a new coordinated action against a fraudulent online investment platform, which has so far cost at least 33 000 victims an estimated EUR 89 million.

Support to operation against cryptocurrency fraud in Romania and the Republic of Moldova

The Hague, 2 March 2023 Eurojust has assisted the Romanian and Moldovan authorities with dismantling a cryptocurrency scam that has resulted in at least 32 victims,...

Eurojust supports crackdown on criminal network

Judicial and law enforcement authorities in Romania, with the support of several other countries, have dismantled an organised crime group (OCG) suspected of money laundering and CEO/BEC fraud. The volume of transactions is believed to exceed EUR 70 million.

Eurojust coordinates action against massive investment fraud with hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide 

At the request of the Spanish, German and Finnish authorities, Eurojust and Europol have supported an action against a massive investment fraud involving the use of cryptocurrencies.

Eurojust supports action against large-scale VAT fraud to the EU

Authorities in Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland have dismantled a criminal network involved in a large-scale VAT fraud concerning tobacco smuggling

Crackdown on criminal network dealing with sexual exploitation and human trafficking  

Supported by Eurojust and Europol, judicial and law enforcement authorities in France, Spain and Portugal have dismantled a criminal network involved in sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Operation against drug traffickers in Italy, Spain and Netherlands: 24 arrests

Eurojust lead an operation against a major drug trafficking network, which allegedly used the art trade in the Netherlands to launder the profits of its illegal business.

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