Friday, December 8, 2023
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Jan Dop

Periodic application for Certificate of Conduct: a tool for employers

Employers should not rely solely on Certificates of Conduct (VOGs) when assessing the reliability of job candidates, according to legal experts Jan Dop and Erika van Zadelhof. VOGs, which detail an individual's criminal record, are a "snapshot" and offer "false security", the pair wrote in Dutch legal publication Accountancy Vanmorgen. They suggested that periodic applications for VOGs could help employers ensure staff remain suitable for their roles, but warned that this would not cover all risks, as employees could still commit offences. Continuous screening is required in certain industries, including childcare and taxi services.

Working from home abroad: 5 tips for employers in the Netherlands

What do Dutch employers have to keep in mind when employees want to work from home abroad?

Employees working from home: 6 points employers should keep in mind

For many employees, their homes have become a second workplace, while some employees even work from home permanently. What do you as employer have...

Seminar Dutch Law and Embassies

By Roy Lie Atjam Russell Advocaten, a corporate full-service law firm in Amsterdam, and Diplomat Magazine organized their annual seminar-workshop for embassies and consulates. The...

Employer’s obligation to provide information

Employees are entitled to receive information about their employment conditions. Which information does this concern? When and how does the employee have to receive...

Works council: COVID-19 measures and mandatory vaccinations

By Jan Dop & Priscilla de Leede What rights does the works council have in relation to measures against the coronavirus within the company? And...

Can you change an employment contract unilaterally?

By Jan Dop, LL.M. Working from home, less turnover, a hard lockdown, these are all current issues due to Covid-19. As a result, employers may...

Temporary posting of employees: amended obligations for foreign EU employers

By Jan Dop. The Terms of Employment Posted Workers in the European Union Act (WagwEU) regulates a number of obligations for EU employers who temporarily...

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