Monday, July 15, 2024
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Panama Canal

Preserving Tradition: The Story of Ecuador’s Toquilla Straw Hat

In a world where globalization often threatens the uniqueness of cultural heritage, the efforts to preserve and promote traditional crafts are not only commendable...

Panama: Catalyzing climate and conservation action through green diplomacy

n April 2021, the UN’s Intergovernmental Report on Climate Change provided the latest in a long line of dire warnings, telling the world what many already know: climate change is real, and the international community is squandering its chance to limit the consequences. World leaders need to approach this crisis with the urgency it deserves.

Sinfonía en la Mesa, 200 years of Panamanian independence

With a wonderful musical and gastronomical Panamanian experience program, named ‘Sinfonía en la Mesa’, H.E. Ms.  Elizabeth Ward Neiman Ambassador of  Panama to the...

The Panama Canal – a global commerce hub and gateway to the Americas’

By August Zeidman. On Friday, December 18th, the Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to the Netherlands, H.E. Ms. Elizabeth Ward, hosted and moderated a...

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