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Sinfonía en la Mesa, 200 years of Panamanian independence

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With a wonderful musical and gastronomical Panamanian experience program, named ‘Sinfonía en la Mesa’, H.E. Ms.  Elizabeth Ward Neiman Ambassador of  Panama to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, welcomed a group of selected guests to commemorate the 200th year anniversary of Panama independence.  Despite a few anxious days waiting to hear details of the new COVID restrictions, the event came to life in an spectacular way.

Mr. Renato Famiglietti, Panama’s Deputy Head of Mission, Ambassador Ward, H.E. Mr. Arnoldo Brenes Castro, Ambassador of Costa Rica and his spouse Breatiz Piza.
The Ambassador of Uruguay to Turkey, H.E. Mr. Ricardo Nario and the Ambassador Uruguay to the Netherlands, H.E. Ms. Laura Dupuy Lasserre.

‘November is known to Panamanians as “the month of our homeland.”  Among the numerous holidays, we honor our separation from Colombia and independence from Spain.’ Ambassador Ward declared.

Panama is known as a global transportation hub due to its famous Panama Canal, but few are aware that Panama is one of three carbon negative countries in the world.

Archbishop H.E. Aldo Cavalli, Apostolic Nuncio to the Netherlands.
Mr. Renan Villacis, Director Secretariat of the Assembly, International Criminal Court and Diplomat Magazine’s Publisher, Dr. Mayelinne De Lara.

‘In June, our President signed a decree that protects the Coiba Ridge which tripled the Cordillera de Coiba marine protected area.  With this, we are 9 years ahead of the internationally targeted 2030 goal having achieved the protection of over 30% of both land and marine areas, setting us as a world leader in Blue Economy as well as Green Economy,’ Ambassador Ward explained.  ‘Recently, as part of the COP26 in Glasgow, agreements were reached between the United Nations World Tourism Organization and NOAH to establish Panama as the first pilot country to support the implementation of the United Nations fund for climate neutral tourism.’

Producers of the Panamanian Geisha, a unique coffee with a distinct genetic fingerprint with floral and sweet notes, Panama made gala of its musical traditions by paying tribute to a well-known Panamanian composer, Eduardo Charpentier Herrera. Two of his compositions were interpreted by students from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in a transcendent performance. Charpentier’s compositions brought Panamanian warmth and joy to The Hague.

Erik de Baedts, Director General of the Carnegie Foundation and the Pece Palaca.

Following the concert, it was time to enjoy the culinary creativity of Chef Roberto Torres, a well-known Panamanian chef who, through an inspired take on traditional cuisine, created a succulent and unique dinner for the many guests attending the event.

A mouth-watering three courses menu dinner was served; as starter a crispy empanada with beef, a ceviche with passion fruits and a carimanola, which is a croquette made with yucca and chorizo; all accompanied to Timbales de Platano, an intriguing mix of plantains, cheese and caramel.

Roberto Torres, then came back to explain his main course consisting of a creamed risotto of pigeon peas crowned by prawns with coconut milk and coriander. Now, arriving to the dessert, those who had thought to stop there forgot all intentions immediately after looking to a Panamanian sweets plate. A coffee mousse, a cocada & golleria, plus tea or café. 

Panama, 2021 Sinfonia en la Mesa

Bravo Ambassador Ward, from now on, Panama is not only the Canal it is also the convergence of exotic mix of inspiring music and delicious flavours.

Ambassador Ward thanks her efficient team composed by  Edna, Paulina, Milciades, Renato and Ruth for all their endless effort to bring this together.

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