Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Manila Mayors visit The Netherlands

By Anton Lutter A delegation of mayors from the National Region Manila, the seat of government of The Philippines, with an estimated 15 million large...

125th Anniversary Proclamation Philippine Independence: cooking demo

Kalayaan. Kinabukasan. Kasaysayan – Freedom Future History By Roy Lie Atjam Here are the welcome remarks by the Hon. Dr Rena Cristina Koa-Malaya at the cooking...

ICC Pre-Trial Chamber I authorises Prosecutor to resume investigation in the Philippines

ICC Prosecutor to resume investigation resume investigation into the Situation of the Republic of the Philippines

ASEAN has Celebrated its 55th Anniversary

ASEAN countries celebrated its 55 anniversary ASEAN is the most promising and dynamic market in the world a population of more than 650 million and a GDP of about 4 trillion USD in 2021.

The Ambassadors’ Spouses’ Association (ASA) Welcome the Autumn Season

By Roy Lie A Tjam. ASA, Ambassadors’ Spouses’ Association The Hague, taken into the autumn season with bliss. On Wednesday 27th September 2017, ASA members were...

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