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The Ambassadors’ Spouses’ Association (ASA) Welcome the Autumn Season

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By Roy Lie A Tjam.

ASA, Ambassadors’ Spouses’ Association The Hague, taken into the autumn season with bliss.

On Wednesday 27th September 2017, ASA members were invited to a luncheon where guests were presented colorful orchids upon arrival.

The objective of the luncheon was twofold: the usual reunion of the ASA with the addition of welcoming prospective ASA members. It was also an appropriate opportunity to take leave of departing members.

Dr Dilruba Nasrin, spouse of the Ambassador of Bangladesh.

This time around the host was Dr. Dirulba Nasrin, Spouse of the Ambassador of Bangladesh. Datin Linda Zin, spouse of the Ambassador of Malaysia welcomed the members and invitees. Subsequently, Dr. Dirulba Nasrin, the hostess, welcomed all to the Bangladeshi house, Little Bangladesh, as she fondly calls it.

There was a session for newly arrived Ambassadors’ spouses to introduce themselves who included: Dita from Lithuania, has a daughter, Karin from Norway has two children. The boy was born in Madrid, Spain and prides himself on being a Madrelleno, and currently, studies in Utah.

The girl was born in Abu Dhabi, and she’s currently a university student who is  envisaging a sabbatical next year to Africa. Laura from Uruguay- a career diplomat, a former Ambassador to Geneva with a specialization in human rights, and Patricia, Mexico who delivered an animated presentation. She spoke of her 3 children whom she misses a lot; however, she longs for her six grandchildren more than anyone else. Patricia attends Dutch classes.

Dr. Dirulba Nasrin an Epidemiologist and full-time faculty member at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, gave a passionate expose about the background of her profession and research effort in Africa and Asia.

It’s a work she has been pursuing for the past twenty years. “Diarrhea Kills,” says Dr. Nasrin. A very revealing expose, that had its moments of heartbreaking. It also revealed the inward beauty of Dr.Nasrin.

A fabulous Bangladeshi lunch concluded the event.

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