Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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president Vladimir Putin

Is there a possibility of ending the Russo-Ukrainian War before 2025?

As the Russo-Ukrainian war enters its third year, there is considerable anticipation across Europe for its resolution, given the substantial human and material toll...

Headlines of today

UKRAINE-RUSSIA The United Nations, Turkey and Ukraine agreed on Sunday on an Oct. 31 movement plan for 16 vessels that are in Turkish waters, a day after...

Russian parliament votes to break with European Court of Human Rights

Russia's parliament on Tuesday passed a pair of bills ending the European Court of Human Rights’ jurisdiction in the country, a rupture provoked by Russia's war in Ukraine.

The War in Ukraine or “The special military operation in Ukraine”?

Retired General Corneliu PIvariu analysed the first 30 days of the Russian re-invasion to Ukraine launched on ground, from the air and from the sea as the largest attack of a state against another state in Europe after the WWII.

Anniversary of Diplomatic Service in Russia

By H.E. Mr. Alexander Shulgin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of The Netherlands. On February 10, Russia celebrates the diplomat’s day....

Lebanon 2020. From “The Pearl of the Orient” to failed state?

"We will not allow for Lebanon to become a compromise card between nations that want to rebuild ties amongst themselves” Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai – August...

What will the future look like?

Motto:“As we see the way of the world and as both we and you are aware of it, the law is concerned only with...


Analissing the line between invasion and intervention

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