Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Silk Road Virtual Museum

Preserving Heritage: The Porcelain Tower, Nanjing, China

The author, Richard T. Griffiths, visited the Porcelain Tower in Nanjing, China, which was rebuilt after being destroyed during the Taiping rebellion in 1856. The tower was originally commissioned by the Yongle Emperor in the 15th century and was known for its beauty and grandeur. The author and his colleague were pleased to see that the rebuilt tower remained faithful to the original structure, but did not attempt to replicate the exterior decoration. Inside the museum, the archaeological site was well-preserved, with glass passage ways allowing visitors access to all exposed areas. However, the author noted some issues with the historical artifacts on display, such as an identical entry portal to the tower being present in another museum. The author also described the Buddhist section of the museum, which included oversized Buddha statues and a winter wonderland-like display. Overall, the author found the museum to be well-preserved and presented, but had some concerns about the authenticity of certain artifacts.

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