Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Taha Ayhan

Experience meeting passion in Cross-generational Leaders’ talk: Challenging Days for Multilateralism

Lamberto Zannier talked at the Future Leaders Executive Program about views on the ongoing Donbas Crisis and Ukraine-Russia conflict, the Minsk Agreement, climate change, and food security, as well as on other issues that represent serious challenge for our contemporary multilateralism.

The West must face the uncertainties created and entertained by globalization

Yves Leterme, former Prime Minister of Belgium in the context of the 2nd month of the Future Leaders Executive Program, entertained its participants on various issues, ranging from the Global Leadership Crisis to the uncertainties of the future and all the consequences its entails.

FLEP – Two Presidents and the best of their workings

By Yagmur Ceylan Korkut Hassan Following successes of the similar programs in Europe (Vienna and Geneva notably), the Istanbul-based International Organization along with its European...

Wisdom of Future Meeting the Experience of the Past United Kingdom in Mediterranean

Istanbul-based International Organization along with its European partners decided to launch the special executive program for future leaders on its own. On the FLEP Executive Program’s concept participants are spending a whole day with top level speakers.

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