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FLEP – Two Presidents and the best of their workings

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By Yagmur Ceylan Korkut Hassan

Following successes of the similar programs in Europe (Vienna and Geneva notably), the Istanbul-based International Organization along with its European (think-tank, academia, cultural diplomacy and media) partners decided to launch the special executive program for emerging leaders (FLEP) on its own.

By its launch on 24th February 2023, this Program gathered participants of diverse professional backgrounds and different geographies, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East – largely the forthcoming leaders from the government, international organisations or industry. The FLEP Executive Program’s concept is rather simple: Participants are spending one entire day with top level speakers – mainly the world leaders that shaped events of the past decades (two per month, last Friday-Saturday in month) in an open, Chatham House rules-based atmosphere, all situated within the historic premisses of the eternal city on two continents.

The very opening of the program has been reserved for the paramount name of European and world statecraft, Austrian state President, Dr. Heinz Fischer, who spend the full day with the highly anticipating audience of the Program.

Excellency Fischer served as the national state president two consecutive terms (2004 – 2016). Witness to and active maker of major events of the past 4-5 decades, he also served as Minister of Science of the Republic of Austria from 1983 to 1987 (Fred Sinowatz government), and as the President of the National Council of Austria from 1990 to 2002. Between 1992 and 2004, Dr. Fischer was Deputy Chairman of the Party of European Social Democrats (PES). From 1995 to 2002 he was President of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for the Victims of National Socialism. In June 2016 Heinz Fischer was named President  of  the  Association  of  Austrian  Adult  Education Centres, and soon after as the President  of  the  Austrian Society for Chinese Studies. 

Finally, in January 2017 Heinz Fischer was named president to the Board of the Institute for Human Science, while in August that year, Excellency Fischer was appointed as co-chairman of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens – function he holds up to this very day.

During the day-long exchanges with the FLEP participants Excellency Fischer elaborated on his career path, notably his role in the national and European politics, on meetings with the heads of states and governments of many countries including biggest powers during his long career. He generously and enthusiastically shared elaborate views on the political climate and structures of Austria and Europe before WWI, in interwar period and especially in the post WWII recovery period. In addition, Dr. Fischer discussed the main challenges for the past 100 years – from poverty, Nazism, armaments, confrontations and lack of democratic and tolerant societal fabrics, collective actions and the crisis of the international multilateral political bodies than open the road for open military confrontation.

Vivid exchanges of views and opinions between speaker of honour and participants marked the closuring part of the 9 hours long lecturing and tour-de-table. Content intensive, inspiring reflective and farsighted, yet amicable and family-like atmosphere with a direct, personal access to the notable guest (full of coffee-breaks and meals spent together) along with the perfect organisation of principal host deeply impressed all.

Closing the event, Dr. Fischer and President of ICYF Taha Ayhan (as a principal host to the event), jointly voiced what all participants already concluded in the course of the day- that the FLEP Program offers truly unique setting, umparallel anywhere else in the world. Two Presidents both agreed that this particular format is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for emerging leaders from the state, intergovernmental civil and corporate sectors of all meridians.

Indeed, the Program meeting hall was filled with the enthusiasm and hope for the formidable and attenable tomorrow that started on 24th February 2023 with the FLEP Istanbul program. The fascinating voyage of knowledge sets its uncharted waters sail. It will reach its next mesmerising port of wisdom and insights on 24th of March by hosting Prime Minister of Belgium and Secretary General of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

About the author

Yagmur Ceylan Korkut Hassan

Yagmur Ceylan Korkut Hassanauthor is Madinah Group Istanbul Turkey Office Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer.

She was attached to the office of European Union Youth and Education Turkey and Turkish National Agency.

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