Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Exploring Portugal – Vakantiebeurs 2024

Portugal, a perennial favourite among Dutch travellers, continues to allure with its rich cultural variety, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. At Vakantiebeurs 2024 in...

Visit Rwanda Networking Evening

H.E. Mr. Jean Pierre Karabaranga, Ambassador of Rwanda. By Roy Lie Atjam. The Hague, "Visit Rwanda" hot on the heels of successfully participating in the annual...

Famous celebrity from the Netherlands Humberto Tan in Rwanda

Humberto Tan is a famous and well appreciated TV host in the Netherlands who presents several prime time TV shows at RTL, being the...

Visit the Vakantiebeurs!

Incredible India at Vakantiebeurs- H. E. Mr. Venu Rajamony Ambassador of India, with his spouse, Dr. Saroj Thapa, the Mayor of Utrecht the...

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