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Gun Control: Dividing America

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By Mitesh D. Mistry. 

There has been much talk about America’s ‘culture of violence’. Through violent video games, graphic movies and fictional stories, it seems to many that this violent culture has transpired to reality.

In one month alone, America has seen numerous devastating and catastrophic shootings occur in shopping malls, public areas but most frequently, schools. In Newtown (Connecticut) twenty young students were killed in a rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In Taft (California) a gunman was caught and charged with two attempts of murder at Taft Union High School. In Detroit (Michigan) a 16 year old was shot at Osborne High School. In St. Louis Missouri, an administrator was shot at by a student at Stevens Institute of Business and Arts. The list is becoming endless; and this is worrying.

Throughout America, the idea to ban guns and assault weapons is widely supported; especially by parents. Most firearms including assault rifles are designed for military and combat; therefore making them redundant for use in the public domain.

But there is strong opposition. Why? It’s quite simple. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. The 2nd amendment decree’s that Americans have the freedom and liberty to possess firearms; and anything less would be an infringement of the constitution and rights of the people. The NRA continue to question Obama’s policy decision making. With a strong opposition like this, the President will find it hard to change the law or come up with any kind of resolution.

The situation and future America faces is upsetting; emphasized with the tears shed by President himself. Whatever happens in America, I just hope it is for the best; and with President Obama entering his final four years in office, he will be looking to leave a lasting legacy on America.

I think this is his chance.

 The author is Diplomat Magazine’s Associate Editor in London, UK.




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