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Greece National Day

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By Teresa-Praskevi Angelatou, Ambassador of Greece to the Netherlands.


Greece is one of a small number of countries that have two National days in a year. While one, on March 25th, is Independence Day, the other, on October 28th, commemorating the entrance to WWII, is Greece’s testimony to liberty, democracy and human dignity.

We are honored to celebrate this day in the Netherlands, a friendly country that has shown on repeated occasions it shares the same ideals and principles. On its part, Greece, despite the difficulties it has faced and still continues to face, has never diverted from its conviction that liberty, democracy and human rights form the cornerstone of our European political culture and, has always strived to contribute with all its means.

Carrying a heavy responsibility and tradition, having been called the “cradle of democracy”, Greece is today more committed than ever in the safeguarding and promotion of these values which guide us to and guarantee us peace and prosperity. Through our active participation in every international and regional initiative that promotes the rule of law, human rights, democratic governance and civic society we aim to promote democratic practice and remain determined to continue doing so for many years to come.

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