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By Dr. Luis Arias Núñez, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

We are very pleased to be invited by Diplomat Magazine, in our capacity as Head of Mission to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to present a paper in this prestigious journal, where we have the opportunity to address some policy issues with regard to our diplomatic mission in The Hague.

The establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic dates back to 1857 when the two countries signed the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation . In 2005 the permanent diplomatic mission of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of the Netherlands was created with the sending of a Head of Mission with the rank of Ambassador.

In considering the meaning of the interest of the Dominican Republic in the link exchange for cooperation with the Netherlands, we must start with what the Netherlands represents in terms of economic potential, as well as its active role in shaping European Union’s policy and cooperation with developing countries. The Netherlands and the Dominican Republic agree to observe the same principles to achieve legal equality, human rights and the fulfilment of bilateral commitments.

Both countries share the same concerns in an effort to obtain an international order that is more secure stable and strengthened – the fight against crime , illicit trafficking of drugs and people , protection of the environment – and above all, share the same political values , ideological and moral, such as democracy and solidarity.

While trade and investment in the Netherlands are relatively limited for us, the Dominican Republic offers attractive opportunities to Dutch companies, among others, in the fields of energy, environment, water, agribusiness and tourism .

Our current relationship with the Netherlands is excellent. However, we are in the process of coordinating regular business missions to the Dominican Republic to enhance foreign direct investments and bilateral trade programmes.

Cooperation in multilateral forums is also an important matter to take into account in the bilateral agenda. Sharing similar purposes and values is an important asset in achieving our goals.


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