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Exchanging experiences on economic and social development

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21 participants from various part of the world participated in the training course Local Economic Development, that was organised this month by The Hague Academy for Local Governance. They discussed strategies for fostering economic growth in relation to poverty reduction and social protection. Visits were paid to the municipalities of The Hague and Westland, where they learned about projects to promote entrepreneurship, agriculture and youth employment.

The participants came from:


Kenya (UNDP and Social Reform Centre)

BosniaHerzegovina (Municipality of Bijeljina)

Sudan (Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation)

South Africa (BuffaloCity, Amathole District and GeorgeMunicipality)

Palestine (Municipal Development and Lending Fund, GIZ and VNG International)

Jordan (Ministry of Interior)

Egypt (UNDP)

Ukraine (LvivMunicipality)

Ethiopia (BahirDarUniversity)

Rwanda (Association of Local Government Authorities)

Nepal (Gorkha District Development Committee)

Bangladesh (BetagaMunicipality)

Pakistan (East Karachi District)

Indonesia (Article 33 – NGO)


Comments from two participants:

 “Excellent course, broad scope of content, excellent presenters with broad international experience. Maybe the single biggest plus for me was the international mix of inputs and shared learning” and: “We should try to give the message that, even a country is fragile and unstable in relation to government changes, LED could still bring some positive changes.”

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