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by Abhay K.

Foreign service is a journey

And all the diplomats merely travellers

They have their wits and talents;

And one diplomat assumes multiple roles

His career spread over many grades. At first the probationer

Learning and unlearning at the institute

And then the shy third secretary, with his briefcase

With curious look, rushing like a bee

Earnestly to the boss’s cabinet. And then the first secretary,

Ever engrossed in work, with his laptop

Still unsure of his place. Then the counsellor

Full of strange note-sheets and growing graveness in looks

Risk averse, long hours at work,

Conscious of reputation, quick temper

Seeking new authority

Among the seniors and subordinates. And then the minister

With a paunch, receding hairline

With squint look and harsher commands

Full of jargon and clichés

So he gains perfection in officialese. Then plenipotentiary and

extraordinary ambassador

Into the linen and lace-less shoes

With reading glasses and daily jogs

Trying to fit into his old suit,

Then superannuation. Last journey

queuing up to enter the Foreign Office

That ends this glorious journey

Then second probation-hood, flowing with wisdom

Free of protocol, briefs, talking points, telegrams, free of everything.

Abhay K., an Indian poet-diplomat, winner of the SAARC Literary

Award, nominated for the Pushcart prize, is the author of seven books

including five collections of poetry. ‘Earth Anthem’ written by him has been

translated into major world languages including Dutch.

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