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Interview with Oger Lusink

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By Bonnie Klap.

Mention the name Oger and immediately images of stylish suits and shoes come to mind. But what exactly does the word ‘style’ mean to Mr. Oger Lusink, founder and owner of the famous OGER men’s clothing stores?

“To me a stylish man is educated. He is reliable. He is a man of the moment.”

Why should Diplomats consider wearing suits from Oger?

“At Oger we are able to dress our clients on an international level, so they can perform anywhere and they can ‘dress to impress.’  More impressive than say, with  a Hugo Boss-suit.  We can make every man look smarter in a good suit.”

It is well known that Oger dresses famous football-players from clubs like Ajax and Feyenoord. In what way do those suits differ from the ones you would suggest to Diplomats for instance?

“Naturally there is a big difference in the way we dress football-players and Diplomats. Football players like to look sharp and typically opt  for black, narrow suits, Italian style. Something like Dolce and Gabbana, whereas we would advise Diplomats to opt  for the traditional  ‘London Tailor  Style’.’”

Prime-Minister Mark Rutte is known for his stylish suits and was even ranked number 3 on the Forbes-list for  best dressed politicians. And the magazine Vanity Fair described Mark Rutte’s style as following: ‘His classic style suggests his tailor must be as good as his optomotrist. ’ Is it true that Oger dresses the Prime Minister?

“Certainly. The Prime-Minister is our client. Actually we just recently took care of his wardrobe for his state visit to Indonesia. The Prime-Minister always wears handmade suits and shirts from Oger.  The suits are either dark blue or, when he wants to be less formal,  dark grey. When he wears a dark blue suit, he will wear a white shirt and a  bordeaux-red tie, when wearing a dark grey suit, he will opt for a baby-blue shirt and usually a blue-striped tie. Naturally we give him a very special service and our tailors come to the little ‘Tower’ to do the  fittings. Prime-Minister Mark Rutte is a loyal customer and we are very proud of having him as our customer.”

Are you at liberty to discuss any other so called celebrity-customers?

“Well, it is quite well-known that Prince Maurits is also a  customer at Oger. He always looks very good and he is a perfect symbol of the way we like to work.”

Oger stores can be found in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Antwerp.

Or shop on line at:










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