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Guatemala Land of the Eternal Spring…Land for Investments

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By Jorge Alfredo Lemcke Arévalo, Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Permanent Representative to International Organizations.

It is a pleasure for us as an Embassy to write a small article in this journal, that without any doubts has reached the attention of the Diplomatic Community in the Netherlands. We avail this opportunity to wish the Diplomatic Magazine and cooperating partners the best of success in their duties and for their future success.

The Embassy of Guatemala in The Kingdom of the Netherlands also has a permanent representation to some Courts and Organizations based in the Netherlands. With this in mind, the Government of Guatemala has reiterated its compromise to International Peace and Justice by different ways, been among them in 2012 the ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, both based in The Hague.

It is also wise to say dear readers that Guatemala has held amicable and commercial relations with the Netherlands and neighboring countries since decades ago. Guatemala opened its Embassy and Permanent Representation in the year 2001, when a delegation composed of great diplomatics decided to establish an embassy to strengthen the relations with our host country.

As many of you may know, Guatemala is located in a position with access to both oceans and a free circulation of goods among the Central American countries, including Panama and some Caribbean countries. This is privileged location and with an area of 108, 889 Sq.Km (42,042 sq.mi) and more than 15 million inhabitants which account for 40% of the total population in the Central America Region, being 70% of the Guatemalan population under 40 years old.

Guatemala is the proud host of the Central American Parliament, composed by the representatives from the Central American region (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Dominican Republic) counting with the prestigious presence as observer states of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Taiwan, and most recently the State of Chiapas of the MexicanRepublic.

As stated above, due to its privileged position, Guatemala represents 35% of the Central America Region´s economy (US$50 of US$145 Billion) positioned as a business Hub in the Mesoamerican region.

The Government is firmly committed to encourage and promote foreign and direct investment, creating and maintaining a legal framework and legal certainty for investors, excellent economic performance that guarantees a competitive business climate.

Tourism is a strategic sector, being the second currency income generator of the country; as well as an important employment source for both direct and indirect jobs. In 2012 the income for tourism surpassed the US$1,400 million, with a 5% growth rate. More than 1.9 million visitors were register in 2012 and as far of April 2013, there has already been an 8.3%. increase

In other matters, is important to state that Guatemala possesses a unique cultural and abundant natural richness; which provides a broad tourist offer. The distances between the attractions are so short that one can easily visit different regions during the same trip. Guatemala Its known as the land of the eternal spring, and its pleasant weather conditions allow the visitors to travel during any time of the year. Guatemala is the Heart of the Mayan World. The Mayan Civilization legacy is still evident in the traditions and culture of its people.

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