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When Art is Harmony….

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The goal of the painting of Veronique Uijttenboogaart-Jullian, following Chinese tradition, is to achieve with the greatest perfection, an artistic charm touching infinity.

In the traditional Chinese philosophy, the universe is made of breath, Qi, of varying strengths and always moving. These breaths are the source of living. The case therefore is to recreate these breaths, these energies through a painting, an image that establishes a direct link between the universe, painting and men. The act of painting or watching a painting can find unity with the cosmos.

In this context, the painting of V.Jullian is more a lifestyle than an esthetic work. The sessions of Tai chi and meditation that precedes the act of painting are an integral part of her work. Similarly, during workshops or courses, she practices Tai Chi with his students before each session of arts education. <Rime breaths and movement of life> is a phrase that sums up the artistic practice of V.Jullian.

Act of painting.
Before painting, some preparatory acts are required. They consist of Tai Chi and meditation.
The act of painting of V. Jullian is derived from ancient Chinese techniques that require repeating single movements with a brush on the paper, until mastering it perfectly.

The act of painting is powerful. It can be slow, supported and fast. At the same time, it has to be mastered, mentally as well as physically. Each work is deeply meditated, prepared by numerous studies, photographs and notes. It is a manifestation of human cosmic energy, spirituality.

The mental preparation of a work is as important as the technique during the act of painting.

The space of the paper, the vacuum is an essential element in my work.It is as important as the shapes that are inscribed on the paper. It gives form, harmony, a sense of the infinity, timeless character.

Traveling in Asia.
In the manner of Aragon, travel is the time for a break, a time of discovery of the nature of the universe, people. V. Jullian uses her travel time to make pictures, drawings, sketches and making notes. Later she translates old this to her artistic work.

I organize tailor-made courses in your company, embassy of international organization. It’s also possible to join actual Painting and/of Tai chi courses in the Hague. For information about works and courses of V.Jullian, please, see






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