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Corruption in the EU? Affirmative !

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Direct from European Commission Representation in the Netherlands.

EU ANTI-CORRUPTION REPORT FIRST. Corruption affects all Member States. Corruption remains a problem for Europe. States have taken many initiatives in recent years, but the results vary, and more needs to be done to prevent and punish corruption. These are some of the conclusions of the first EU Anti-Corruption Report, the European Commission published today. The EU Anti-Corruption Report explains the situation in each Member State, including measures to fight corruption have already been taken, which of them function well, what can be improved and how.

NETHERLANDS: Model approach, but …more attention to conflicts of interest (former) politicians and foreign bribery.

The integrated approach of the Netherlands to prevent and detect corruption, can serve as a model for other EU countries. However, political parties have only recently agreed new rules on transparency of party funding, and there is insufficient evidence that foreign bribery is adequately addressed. In today’s report, the European Commission proposes an extension to the category of power that elected officials should indicate. The Commission also proposes that the Netherlands concentrates its efforts on the prosecution of corruption in international business transactions, to increase capacity. For proactive detection of foreign bribery

In addition to an analysis of the situation in each MemberState of the EU, the European Commission will also present two extensive polls. More than three-quarters of Europeans and 61% of Dutch agrees that corruption is widespread in their country. 4% and 2% of Europeans say that the Dutch were asked to pay bribes or that it was expected of them. Them in the past year 4 in 10 European companies find that corruption impedes doing business.



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